My MPI Minnesota Chapter membership allows me to continually improve my skills and knowledge, both personally and professionally.”

– Dianna Fuller, CMP, CMM

“Serving as president of the chapter was an honor, exciting, educational, and fun! The journey to that position was most memorable.”

– Dianna Fuller, CMP, CMM

“Through MPI, I’ve learned how to turn my passion for creating fun, creative, learning and networking events into a life-long career.”

– Debbie Friedman-Hueller, M.A., CMP

“MPI allows me to develop new skills such as leadership, negotiations, and setting goals.”

– Lisa-Marie James

“I joined MPI because someone held out their hand and showed me where I could learn more about meeting planning. I knew I had found home.”

– Tracey Smith, CMP, CMM

“MPI to me is a collaborative organization that together provides a wealth of knowledge, insight, and experience.”

– John Cosgrove

“MPI offers a high caliber of educational opportunities that are relevant to my career.”

– Barb Madigan

“Being active with MPI and on a committee provides opportunities to network with colleagues and share best practices.”

– Lisa-Marie James

“As I built my skills as a leader, I became part of a community, made lifelong friends, and understood the joy of serving others!”

– Ann Margaret Young

“MPI provides me with a wealth of business resources and an always growing network of professionals that bring business to me.”

– Robert Payne

“Build relationships with industry peers, develop new skills as a committee volunteer, grow personally and professionally with the MPI Minnesota Chapter.”

– Barb Oswell

“MPI has enhanced my professional development and provided me with endless networking opportunities.”

– Nicole French, CMP

“The board of directors position has provided me leadership skills that I can use personally and professionally.”

– Lisa-Marie James

“My board experience has allowed me to gain leadership skills by partnering with other MPI members.”

– Stephanie Pfeilsticker, CMP

“As an active member, I am able to keep current and involved in an exciting time of innovative trends, techniques, and talents.”

– Barb Oswell

“Through MPI, I have learned new skills that not only help me in my current position but with any future career challenges, as well.”

– Jan Tolle MacDonald

“As Chapter President, I’m honored to be able to give back just a little to an organization that continues to offer so much.”

– Barb Oswell

“My leadership skills have grown considerably with my position on the MPI Minnesota Chapter board of directors. The experience is invaluable.”

– Donna Patrick, CMP, CMM