Barb Louis

(Editor’s Note: The Voice provides a unique opportunity for members, who serve – and have served – MPI MN in various roles to “share their voice.” We will be periodically asking some of our past presidents to bring us up-to-date on where their careers have taken them and to pass along any words of wisdom they’d care to share. This week, we’re delighted to hear from Barbara Louis, who served as president of MPI MN from 1993-1994.)

Serving as the CEO and Owner of Best Meetings Inc. for the past 16 years has been exciting.  We work with a variety of clients including associations and corporations handling their meetings and management services.  From professional associations for nurses and attorneys to markets for buyers and many small businesses throughout the upper Midwest, details are what we do. The opportunity to work on a wide variety of meetings, conferences, markets and management services keeps me not only busy but motivated, too!

Collaboration is the key to our success. A key component of how we show value to our clients is through the buy-in we get from the individuals on the various boards, committees and groups, which then leads to great meetings, conferences, and strong organizations. Keeping track of the details means that sometimes something comes up that is different than what we anticipated. Being flexible is important. We complete the job and go back later to figure out what needs to change for the next time.

As a meeting professional, it is important to stay focused on what you do best. Reaching out to other meeting professionals when you have a question is always a good idea. I do this when I’m taking a meeting to a new location looking for ideas on venues for special events or searching destination management companies and other vendors to make my client’s meetings sparkle and exceed their expectations.


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