Steph Pfeilsticker, CMP, CMM, Hybrid Events Authority, LLC

President’s Message: Steph's Message for May

Hello MPI Minnesota!

As we near the end of our MPI year, it seems only natural to look back at what we’ve done.

Our Leadership Development committee worked hard towards building our mentor program. They introduced a mentor café concept held prior to our monthly meetings where mentors and mentees can gather to seek information or even have a meeting on the spot. As a result, this year they have recruited 12 volunteer mentors, and have 9 mentor/mentee pairs currently meeting. 

Our chapter’s Education committee had a year of firsts. They changed their structure to have the Director serve as Co-chair of iConnect to ensure continuity from year to year. While it made sense to do that on paper, the reality was the enormous workload it brought to that position. That kind of effort is an example of trying new ways to be forward thinking and I couldn’t be prouder. It’s not a failure, but an option we can cross off the list when the next idea is launched.

The first-ever joint Global Meetings Industry Day, initiated by our chapter, was held this April. This brought together seven other local associations to network, learn and made our industry seem a bit smaller. 

Our chapter was kept afloat by the great work of our Strategic Alliances committee. Not only do they manage our finances, but they are responsible for raising money to operate our chapter. They came up with some new, fun ways to meet the needs of sponsors and be sure they are getting what they need to be successful.

Among the many activities the Membership committee organizes, their biggest accomplishment this year was maintaining an extremely high retention rate of 75% (as of this writing). Our goal is to understand what members need, provide it so we can retain them as part of our chapter. Membership plays an essential role to the longevity of our chapter.

In addition to building a new group of dedicated volunteers this year, our Marketing/Communications committee streamlined our chapter communications by moving to one newsletter per month, increased our social media presence and most notably, designed our new website! The website task was an enormous undertaking with the additional work they needed to perform on a monthly basis. However, the outcome was impressive. We hope you find that it is easier for you to navigate and find what you need. If not, let us know your suggestions. We always have a wish list for new developments!

From a personal standpoint, I thoroughly enjoyed working with our uber talented Board this year. I was blessed to work alongside positive, smart, genuine members who love MPI. Our chapter couldn’t be in better hands going forward. 

To think that 16 years ago, I was sitting in my first monthly meeting too nervous to eat!  I saw the President, Sydney Zech, take the stage and wondered how she could speak in front of the group so comfortably. I could never do that! If it wasn’t for experience of our chapter on the Board over the years, and the truly great friendships I developed, I would not have had the courage to step forward. I learned more about leadership than I ever could have on my own professionally. I’m able to take those skills into Hybrid Events Authority and be a stronger business owner and planner as a result.

Have you thought about getting more involved? What are you waiting for?

Steph Pfeilsticker

Hybrid Events Authority, LLC