1.      Tell us about your business and your current job. The Intercontinental Minneapolis – St. Paul Airport Hotel is still under construction with the opening to take place this July. Located directly on airport property we will have our own TSA security checkpoint and connected to Terminal 1 via skyway. Currently my role is to help with pre-selling the hotel for opening, creating our contracts, proposals and putting client information into our data base as well as conducting hard hat tours. 

2.       What do you hope to gain from your MPI Membership? I hope to gain some good connections, learning new industry tips and tricks and hope to develop some friendships.

3.       If there was only one thing a potential customer could remember about your company, what would that be? The Intercontinental Minneapolis – St. Paul Airport Hotel is a locally co-owned and operated by Graves Hospitality Company.

4.      What has been the best piece of adviceyou have been given, and how has it made a difference in your life - personally or professionally? Building trust in relationships has always been key for me so people can count on you.

5.      What are some of your favorite pastime activities? Golfing, cooking, ice fishing, creating new dips and appetizers, spending time with my two dogs, riding my bike around Minneapolis parks (summer only) and watching Wild games. 

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