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So now that we are a month into 2018 – how are your New Year’s Resolutions going?  Are you nailing it or are you wavering a little bit?  One of my favorite speakers on the circuit – Chad Hyams – had posted this saying on twitter.

“You will never always be Motivated.  You have to learn to be Disciplined.”

Of course, me being the geek I am – I screenshotted it and pull it out to look at every once and a while. I realize disciplined in a harsh word, but do you know that some of the key words in the thesaurus for disciplined is “well organized, prepared, taught, and meticulous”. Doesn’t that sound like what we are or strive to be in this industry?

I know when I started in this industry (yes, QUITE a few years ago) – I wanted to be taught and trained by the very best. Hence, I joined and got involved in our chapter. My motivation at times for wanting to add additional work to my plate wasn’t always there. However, the more I did the more discipline I saw from the people around me and more I could bring that back to my job.

Did you know you don’t have to make a full year commitment to volunteering with your chapter?  We don’t require a kidney donation or anything like that either. Rather we just ask for a moment of your time – is it helping out our membership team making a few phone calls to your fellow members a couple times a month or is it being the emcee for the HyBrid recording and doing a few interviews before the meeting kicks off each month. We have many unique opportunities to stretch you here. Check out some of the open positions on the job board page – we have volunteer positions listed there.

Now I guess I am off to go to the gym, since that is one of my resolutions this year. I’m lacking the motivation; so I will lean on my DISCIPLINE right now.   

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