The EMPI Awards Nomination Process is OPEN, and it’s time to think about recognizing those who have made a difference in the chapter and our industry!  The way to recognize individuals and companies with an EMPI (Excellence in MPI) award is for YOU TO NOMINATE THEM! Following are the EMPI nomination categories:

·         Outstanding Meeting/Event
·         Outstanding Planner Member
·         Outstanding Supplier Member
·         Outstanding Supporting Company
·         Rising Star

Do you know a planner or supplier who’s been doing awesome things for the chapter? Did you attend an amazing event delivered by a member? Is there a supporting company whose work for MPI really stands out? Or have a you noticed a new member who’s really “stepped up” with their participation?  These are ALL perfect EMPI nomination opportunities!

Nominations couldn’t be easier! Use the EMPI Nomination Form for members on the website.  Just three text boxes need to be completed to support the nomination:  Influence, Innovation, and Transferability - all three are described under the category criteria for each award on the EMPI Awards page on the website (under “EMPI Awards Descriptions & Criteria”).

Thanks for your nominations! And keep in mind - it IS perfectly OK to “self-nominate!”

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